Friday, June 08, 2007

About three hours ago I was feeling rather hungover. The fry up was nice, but the effects of the previous night's drinking remained. I was quite impressed by the bargain I found earlier in town. A Polaroid camera, only a few years old, was found in a charity shop, for a quid, and it was something I had to buy. Having wanting one as a kid, for a hundred pennies I couldn't say no.

A few glasses of red wine, a bit of a smoke later; I was feeling a lot better, a lot healthier. I decided to write down all the songs I know how to play on the guitar. Everything since I started playing (about ten years ago). When I jotted down about sixty I was impressed. After a lot of hard thinking, and the point where I couldn't think of anymore, the magic number passed one hundred. I know over a hundred songs. I felt quite proud. My next task is to write down all the lyrics and chords down, in some sort of book. To keep with me when I go busking. That was the plan behind the list. I'm fed up of my mind going blank, resulting in me going back and playing the same tracks.

It also got me thinking. Now my college year's finished, and I'm not working at a magazine, I've sort of run out of things to write about. At least if I'm busking, or generally keeping myself busy, I'll have something to work with. I need to get on my busking myspace page. Update it. Maybe put my place list up there. But I'm a bit tired now. So I'll leave it to the morrow.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's official, I am a poker geek. The World Series kicked off in Vegas a few days ago and also, a few days ago I finished my college term. I've been spending my spare time (which is just about all of it) trying to keep up on the action via the t'internet. Let's put this in perspective for a second. In America, there are hundreds of people queuing up to play in tournaments with buy ins of thousands of dollars. I am in Cornwall, destroying $3 sit and goes on PartyPoker. The one thing I can take from my nerdy obsession is that I can actually play poker, and poker is one of the few sports where the playing field is open to anyone. I spend hour upon hour reading up and watching football, but I haven't kicked a pig's bladder about in about three years.

That's the poker talk out of the way. I wish I could write about my exploits online, taking down big tournaments, but I'm still only a nipper in terms of things and I'm not risking any big chunks out of my bankroll. I'm doing it properly, following the words of Jesus. That's Ferguson, not Christ.

Yesterday was a bit odd. After feeling the effects of Friday's session, I decided not to drink. I was going to have a night off the beer. A night out, but sober. Reel Big Fish played down the road, and to my surprise I managed to thoroughly enjoy the night without the aid of alcohol. Hell, I even managed to skank for a good 45 minutes whilst sweating my arse off. After the gig, me and Lauren got talked into going to the pub. No worries, I'll have a Coke, I thought. And we went to the pub, and it was a glass of Coke that I drank. And that was all.

It got to about midnight when we decided it was time to head home. We got a text from one of our housemates saying that she was in another pub with some of the guys from the band. Being too cool for school (or too tired), we decided to leave it and go back. I was hungry.

The Who's film Tommy was on. I'd never seen it before, so we figured we'd watch it while I devoured a bowl of Super Noodles. By around half one, it was time to hit the hay. Me and Lauren were just drifting off to sleep after getting busy when we got a call from our housemate. "Reel Big Fish are coming to our house", I could overhear Holly on the phone. We started pissing ourselves. Then a little clich├ęd light bulb popped on in my head. I've got an excuse to watch the Hockey. I put the kettle on and sipped a cup of tea watching the game whilst the girls were... being a bit girly. To my surprise, a few minutes later, Nicky showed up with Ryland and Derek from the band. In true guest style they brought a bin liner full of beer and liquor. Bands are ace. About 24 hours after I had passed out from drinking, I found myself incapable of turning down a beer from the Fish. They did have Guinness after all. And Jack Daniels. And Absolut Vodka. (That's not a cocktail, just the order of what I drank.)

So yeah, I got hammered with some guys from California. I'm going to see Electric Forecast tonight, I wonder what will happen.