Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm doing this for doing this's sake. Tapping 'blogg' into the Address Bar didn't see the following ' (+Ctrl Enter)' appear. Something is up.

I've got internet and I'm feeling like writing something. That's the top and the bottom of it.

Not sure if I wrote on here about t'internet problem (I think that's a suitable yet not cheesy opportunity to use Mr Kaye's addition to the English language), what with not having access to it. My 3 mobile broadband totally fucked me in the ass. Yes, I had to provide my own lube. Basically, what happened was: The dashboard thing that told me I was connected to 3 Mobile Internet told me I'd used 300 odd Mbs. I get a message saying I've used 30.37 (approx) extra. What is this message saying? I phone them up. 'You've used 303.7 Mb over my 1Gb limit and now you owe us £30.' Or something to that effect. Motherfuckers.

So that's how I've not been online often. The whole ending my degree has helped to keep me away from the glare of dull LCD displays.

Why did I come on here? Oh yeah, to write. I'm a bit stoned and I think that's why. But now Mags has put Blazing Saddles again and my attention has again drifted. Good to be back on here, however shortly.