Thursday, June 14, 2007

I know I shouldn't waste my time with bad beat stories on here. But it's almost 5 a.m. and it's so hot I can't get to sleep, I've been playing 2c/4c cash games on party, and haven't hit a hand all night.

Fuck it, $6 shit or bust, I told myself. Nothing, nothing and more nothing. Then the dreaded A-J (I'll explain some other time) pops up in early position. Fine, I think to myself, this table's tight. Five times BB raise will do the trick. If anyone's paying attention they'll at least figure I've got A-K or better. One caller. Flop comes 6-J-3 two clubs, one heart. I check, he bets. I call. The turn brings a blank heart. I check, he bets out again. I call. The river is an Ace of neither hearts or clubs. I bet, smallish (third the pot maybe), he raises. He's missed his flush / has put me on an ace and thinks he's got a better hand... "Dumbass", I say, reraising all in. He shows trip Aces, I come on here and bitch about it. It's a routine I need to stop.