Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It seems like as good a time as any to do some writing. Since I finished the course, the writing has slowed down considerably. After about three months of non stop typing and thinking, I think it was time I took a week of or something.

Anyway, I got my results on Friday and I am rather chuffed with myself. My year of consuming more alcohol, drugs and general mishaviour (than the first two years put together) has resulted in me achieving a rather deserved 2:1. To think that had I applied myself fully I could've easily attained a first is quite an odd one, yet not one to bother me. I came here to get a 2:1 and have a good time (though maybe not in that order). As well as the drinking and partying I've also had a winter break in Poland, skinny dipped and bathed with friends, busked, laughed (a great deal), cried (not so much) and all things in between. This has been a good year.

I've spent the night at a party telling the same stories to people over and over again. What I did, what I'm going to do... I feel like an actor doing loads of junkits. It's slightly bizarre.

What is also bizarre is that I'm still up writing and playing poker at 8.45am. This after feeling and looking like death earlier, declaring my efforts to stay off the beer tonight (which I did, to an extent; wine and Jim Beam & Coke). I will start taking it easy. I need to. I have energies to be saving for more enticing activities this weekend. Perhaps I'll just donk out of this tournament and get my head down.