Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The incompatability of technology with myself is starting to prove itself a reccurrent nuisance. For the past few days this has not just been limited to digital technology. The stove at Olivia's place refuses to light when I require it, rendering my need for caffeinated beverages thwarted. The toilet, when required to flush does not, leaving whatever I've left behind on display, ready to greet the next user of said toilet. Stopping into a coffee shop to use the services of both coffee and wireless internet access (because the wireless at Olivia's refuses to play nice with me), my enjoyment of the latte is diminished by the prospect of another incompatible wireless network service.

Facing said problems, my only outlet for frustration related ventilation is this Notepad that I'm using (with the honest expectation of an iminent system failure, leading to my laptop to crash). If it worked on Windows 3.1, it seems to work fine with me.

I should count myself lucky that I can rely technology to crash on me [the lights in the cafe just dimmed as I typed that]. To live in a world where I knew not of alleged high speed internet is a daunting image, that I trust keeps people in the third world and the 19th Century awake at night. That these technological sabotages only seem to affect things that exclusively affect my life, is also assuring. The train that I rode into town serves my benefit, but also that of the 1.7 million Warszawians. Which means that works just fine. The electricity that powers the lights, escalators, ventilation systems and communication devices of the shopping centre, seems to be working perfectly. This allows businesses to run smoothly, and the dozens upon dozens of security guards to stare accusitavely at me as I wander from shop to shop - the kind of glare that a dark skinned man with a backpack full of electrical equipment may face at one of the many transport hubs in my home country.

So what shall I do with myself while I wait for the technology to sort itself out? Well, there's not a lot I can do at the minute except wait. Type my angst ridden thoughts in a Notepad window. And maybe kill a few hours playing Minesweeper and Solitaire.