Sunday, April 18, 2004

While in the process of thinking about what to write about in today's blog I decided to type 'tramspotting' into google (the search engine, not my cat which has the same name. I don't really have a cat called google, but what fun it would be to have such named cat!) Dissapointingly this site is not in its list.

However, as pure luck would have it, whilst thinking of what to write in this paragraph I stumbled on to this site:

A news story from the Football Association's website. Something to do with a man trying to reach the cross-bar at football grounds, not important, but his name Mr. Tram is somewhat relevant, anyway.

If you would like to open a new browser and look at the page I would like you to divert your gaze to the picture (you can read the highly interesting story afterward). The caption reads:

'"Tram" the hopper behind the wheel of his Blackpool tram'

I never thought once after coming up with the name of this site that I would actually gain any skill in tramspotting however I will divulge. The tram in the picture is not a Blackpool tram, it happens to be a City Circle Tram (a free to ride tram!) that circulates Melbourne, the yellow coloured building in the back-ground is Flinder's Street Station, one of the finest pieces of Victorian architecture in Melbourne. The city I am living in. Pure lazy journalism. Shocking.

I never thought I would find such coincidental circumstances, I'll have to email the F.A. and inform them of this vile act of lazy journalism