Sunday, May 09, 2004

After another long drought of updates I thought I better get my ass in gear and start writing again. I've been pretty short of money for the last two/three weeks and money is the root of all blogs. Well, it cost money to surf (I hate that term!) the internet, and now it doesn't. My new hostel has free access, oh yeah, I've moved up to Cairns as well.

I don't know whether to write about Cairns yet, I've been here just over a day and haven't seen much so I don't think I have decent grounds to form an opinion yet. I could write about my flight up here, but that would be boring.

Likewise I could write about getting drunk on cheap wine, "goon" as us backpackers affectionately call it, that would be somewhat cliché. I guess I'll just write about having nothing to write about. A personal favourite of mine. It's about 25 degrees celcius, cloudy, muggy (I love that word) and I've got a sore stomach from the wine last night. I also don't feel like thinking, I've also run out of time on the computer, and for today's rambling irrelevent blog I'll have to say good bye.