Saturday, September 13, 2008

I may be extremely tired and a bit hungry, but at least the hangover has finally gone. Gone too has the stress of getting to London and being unable to get hold of my friend Felix. Felix, who I had come up to London to stay with. I've just noticed that once again I have limited battery life, this may be another brief post.

Over a coffee at Waterloo, I managed to be contacted by Nick, Felix's house mate. After spending just over £6 on coffee and a pouch of tobacco, I lugged my backpack (clothes, computer, coat and everything) and my guitar to Euston where I met Nick. Instantly my mood picked up from hungover stress to optimistic relief.

The tube wasn't exactly fun (what with the luggage and the public), and by the time we arrived here in Whitechapel my bones and muscles were aching. However, since the cup of tea, glass of squash (which practically went down in one), a cigarette and an episode of The Simpsons, I am feeling much, much better.

The red light is on the side of my laptop, and I can't really be arsed to plug it in or carry on writing. I'm gonna get some rest, I'm going to be writing quite a bit in the coming weeks.
The following literature takes place at about lunchtime on Friday

The low battery light has come on. I don't have much time.

The adventure has begun. After Tuesday's decision by Harrie and Dunc to drive to Morocco, a slight alteration to the plan - they're going to hitchhike, and an afternoon of getting supplies in Salisbury, the mission is on.

I've just got on the 14.20 to Waterloo, which I'm taking as far as Woking. Dunc and Harrie have just set off from the station to go back to Harrie's to pack and then hitch to Woking. I wonder who will win this race?

The 'mobile' internet is as frustrating on a moving train as it is in a stationary house. One minute there are 2/3/4 bars, next there are none. Fuck possible causes of cancer. We need telecommunications dammit!

I've just received an email from Joanna at Front, giving me directions to the office and a few do's/don'ts. I'm going to have to do some fancy dress shopping tomorrow when I get to London. That or see if I can fit into Olivia's dress. Battery dying... Losing power... Khan!
It's way, way to late to write. Omelettes and cigarettes is all that are on write now/ This make sense later. I hope.

They have to sleep.