Thursday, July 03, 2008

Jesus, Full Tilt Poker, that's why I came on here. But why am I in Firefox putting my log in to Blogger? I don't know. Let's do both. It's what you're good at. We've seen that. There's evidence of that. Not sure if the evidence works for it or against it; but I'm pretty sure it's there. Damn, now he's gone with the music. I have to open my trusty DSS DJ program (for mixing and generally more fun options than iTunes and Windows Media put together).

The irony, DSS, for all DJs that are claiming Jobseeker's Allowance from the DSS. I should be. I'm seeking employment. I should get money for that bitch of a pasttime. Saying that, I've just come over to Falmouth to DJ in exchange for a night's worth of beer. It's not really work but it's a paid (in sorts) activity. If the amount I drank tonight is more than the bus fare I'm good. I think I'm good.

So yes, time to get writing on here. I'm not sure when I last put some words on this page. It must be quite a while as I've been preoccupied with much better things than writing. And that's quite a statement considering prior to this break from my blog, the only thing going for me was writing. The degree, the gauge of sanity. I love writing, even bollocks like this, but this is something else.

To destroy the illusion of one flowing stream of thought, I have to note a rather annoying fifteen minute pause in the writing that occurred between this paragraph and the last. I've been involved in a few hands and a little bit of banter via Facebook and MSN with Mags. The cunt.

What's been going on then? Well, I moved back to Newquay. Briefly stopping off at my folks' for a few hours; I've since been in the company of one unbelievably awesome young lady. This is why I haven't been writing. I'm either having fun, laughing my ass off or recovering from the two. Except for tonight that is. For reasons I've previously mentioned.

And I think that's about all I can manage for this evening. I promise I will write a generic music blog post about Glastonbury at some point, but I really can't be arsed to go into too much detail right now. Got cards to focus on.