Thursday, May 27, 2004

I forgot that I had this site. I also forgot that it was possible to spend over two hours a day on the internet. Somedays I forgot to even go on the internet. Then, this morning I woke to find that my closest friends were no longer in Cairns.

Basically (Aussies love that term), over the last two weeks I have met up with Lauren (my girlfriend from England, well via Melbourne), Jodie - her and my mate, Izzy - one of my best mates from home, Ben - a cool dude and numerous other people I'd be proud to call friends. I had a great few weeks in a hazy bubble of happiness. Now everyone has left Cairns, and I haven't, I'm faced with meeting more new people and people I generally did not spend time with (to spend time with previously mentioned mates).

I'm bored, skint, well that's about it, horny as fuck but I won't ponder on that too long, and I have nothing to do. Ah well, internet games, such timewasting joy!