Sunday, May 02, 2004

I'm bored.

I've been in Melbourne for nigh on two and a half months, I've lived in the same hostel, been to the same pubs, seen lots of bands and now I want to move on. Not to mention the fact that I'm working a depressing but meaningful job (I am an advocate for a chairty) and my girlfriend has left town, there are endless movies on the tv here, I can't get five minutes to myself, or five minutes with anyone that'll make me feel better. I'm homesick but not sick for home, I just guess I've got itchy feet. That or I've just been smoking too much.

Good job I get paid on Wednesday. I don't care whether I get fired, (I'm not a great salesman), I've decided that I'm leaving at the end of the week, I just don't know where to. I've found living in hostels with no money a very boring and lonely experience. If you have money you can drink and talk bollocks to people, I don't. Plus I don't feel like talking bollocks anymore. I want to sit in the sun, surf, smoke pot and play guitar on a sunset filled beach. I know that's the rose-tinted view of things, but to be honest anything is better than a cold, miserable city, with cold miserable people who don't have time for the environment.

The next blog will hopefully posted from the warm east coast of Australia, I expect there will be no trams but that won't ruin my time. Trams are starting to piss me off to be honest, well public transport as a whole, commuting if you would. I hate travelling to and from work, I'm sure I'm not alone. Fuck, I never thought I'd be in a position where I'd be bitching about daily life like this. I'm dissapointed in myself.

No more of this madness, I need a sunny beach and warm tanned girls. Yes, that sounds good.